website design


Urban Nation Architects & Associates, Belgium,


Web design/SEO/Photography/Marketing strategy


September 2019


The project

Holding more than 15 years experience within the fields of architecture, landscaping, interior design and project management, this architecture studio, currently active in Belgium and in France, has never had an image that could raise to the complexity of their projects. When living as an architect, your life exists only among details, complex issues, sustainability and a huge responsibility. Therefore, communication comes on second place, or the third... The client needed a new website, one that would actually reflect the image of the studio, going from subtle to demonstrative, where people may connect to their ideas and design principles.

The mission

Together with the client I developed a website design with  an intuitive structure, easy to follow and to understand even by the least tech-savvy of us.

Weeks of research, analysis and benchmarking confirmed my intuition - projects and images stand in the light. Therefore, I created a so called website 'vitrine' (a.k.a showcase website) and I set up a structure that could easily accommodate change in time. 

Looking back briefly, this has been one of the most inspiring project I have worked on so far. And one of the most challenging. One cannot understand details, nor show enough rigour before working with architects. 


responsive website creation mockup

The working team bursts out with individuality and multiculturality. In order to achieve this sense of uniqueness, I collected each member of the team favourite colour. I created afterwards colourful filters that become active as soon as one hovers their cursor above each portrait. 

In case you didn't know, architects don't advertise

So I set up a marketing program to help the studio score better performance indicator in terms of notoriety. The second part of the project included the keyword optimisation, as we all know it today - SEO. The advantage when working with inspiring material is that content marketing comes only naturally. 

According to the initial strategy, the last part of this project focuses on the social media strategy and the media relations plan. I hope you will enjoy reading and watching their stories, they come in different versions and from an individual architectural context. 

responsive web design mockup